Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lost And Found, May 2010

We want to do this every year for Earth Day, so all you artists who love to use recycled materials, please let us see your stuff! Next Lost And Found show will open in April 2011!
All of these works are made from recycled, lost, and found materials.

                                                                          Greg Wilson

                                                                    Tyler Bergholz

                                                                     Andrew Greene

                                                                         Daniel Barron

                                                                      Liz Mamorsky

                                                                      Boris Koodrin

                                                                      Liz Mamorsky
                                                                      Larry Berger
                                                                             Sue Tom

                                                                     Tracy Burnham

                                                                            Barrett Cook

                                                                       Daniel Barron

                                                                      Martin Zuniga

                                                               Rafael Bensuaski Vieira

                                                                      Larry Berger (this chair used to be an apricot tree that was going to the landfill)

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