Friday, May 27, 2011

Portrait of a neo abstract master: CARLY IVAN GARCIA!

Carly Ivan Garcia in front of "Do You  Stretch Your Own Canvas?"
Driftwood Salon presents CARLY IVAN GARCIA May 14th-June11th, 2011

Carly Ivan Garcia stands at 5’5” tall, and speaks softly, but somehow manages to fill the room. His intensity is startling. At once, you know you’re standing next to a legend in the making.

Carly grew up in Pennsylvania and now currently resides in Marin County, CA.  Throughout his life, especially during grade school, he endured great difficulties due to his dyslexia, yet he’s managed to rise above it all, and today seamlessly ties together a multi faceted career that includes curating art exhibits, showcasing his own fine works all over New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and now, a solo exhibit in San Francisco.

We are extremely pleased to present Carly's first solo exhibit in San Francisco, featuring all new works from this young, nonconformist genius whose paintings will excite you, demand your attention, and ask you to challenge some of your boundaries .

It is nearly impossible to describe Carly’s  work, the most common terms I’ve been reading are “neoism” or  “abstract expressionism”. The reason these terms fail is because his work is unlike anything I've seen in the art world today. A lot of artists we see now, are going for that rebellious art movement, and using art as a way to get their message out, yet Carly's works remain timeless, and classic, while fully acknowledging today, making for his own unique brand of hip, modern neo-realism!

Come check out this amazing neo-abstract painter at Driftwood Salon now through June 11th, 2011.
We're so stoked to be showing his last year's worth of works and expect to see this artist go very far in his career.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


May has been fantastic so far! I know I've said this before, but each month, the best part about putting on new shows are the people we get to know and work with! Each brings their own creative force to the table, and I  just feel so blessed to be a part of it all.
Here are some pics of us installing CITIZEN GARCIA! May 9th-May 13th.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New show for May, "CITIZEN GARCIA" A Carly Ivan Garcia solo exhibit

Code Red, oil on panel, 38"X24"
 I am having a great week so far! Installation for our Garcia solo show started on Monday, and the gallery has been transformed once again! Carly Ivan Garcia is a brilliant young neo abstract painter, who really knows how to use color and form. There is a three dimensional quality to his paintings as well, I keep seeing new things each time I study one of them! We are very happy to be working with him, he has great energy, and mind blowing talent.

Here is our press release for the show,

driftwood Salon Presents
“citizen garcia”
A Carly Ivan Garcia solo exhibit
may 14th – june 11th 2011

Carly Ivan Garcia is on fire, grabbing a hold of the art world by the horns! In the last few years he has redefined his genre, whether you call it modern, neoism, or abstract expressionism, Driftwood Salon presents him to you simply as “Citizen Garcia.”  His unique brand of nonconformist art has been gaining national attention while landing him new collectors across the country, particularly during “New York’s Armory week” and at “Art Basel Miami Beach.” He’s been featured in top art publications including Juxtapose Magazine, Warholian, and Dig In Mag, and has even landed ten paintings as the main focal point of the new Hollywood film starring Ed Harris, Touching Home. In between all that, he’s been raising money for charities like Womens Voices Now, as well as curating and promoting huge art events all over California’s Bay Area. Garcia has gained worldwide attention in a very short amount of time. How does he do it? For him it’s simple; he brings everything he has to the table everyday of his life.

In his own words:
 I like to challenge the boundaries of art and my own boundaries of comfort. Freedom of expression! Even today my best work results from me pushing myself further and constantly developing and evolving my neo-abstract style. My work is personal and I wish for the viewer to develop their own individual experience with each of my pieces. Some can find it incredibly personal and connect it to events going on in their lives. Provocative art should especially foster debate. The very nature of art is intertwined and inseparable from freedom of expression.

We are extremely proud to announce his first solo exhibit here in San Francisco.

Please join us on Saturday, May 14th, from 6pm-11pm, and help us welcome Mr. Garcia. This show will run until June 11th and will feature all new works by the avant garde artist including oil paintings on canvas and panel, works in paper, and limited edition prints of one of his works. For more information, please visit or

We really look forward to seeing you this weekend! It's my birthday weekend as well so there will be extra reasons to celebrate! Pics of the install and an interview with the artist coming soon!