Sunday, January 30, 2011

Closing Reception for COMING INTO VIEW

Last night our January show came to an end :( , well almost, we had our closing party, and it'll be up for another two days but still, :(  Thanks to all our artists for making this show possible! These 16 Bay Area artists are all amazing, and I wish you all the best 2011! I will post pictures soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good week at the gallery

At home's my "Friday", and also the end of a great week at the gallery. Got lot's of my own art done, met a lot of new artists and art collectors (I think the warm weather makes people go out more!), got to film our first mini movie for Driftwood Salon T.V. (coming soon! in edit mode)
Looking forward to the next two days off, although I'll probably be right there at work in the studio:)
Some snap shots from the week...

a work in progress...

our buddy Daniel Barron stopped by before going to install his show "Chaos vs Lust" at The Little Bird Cafe in the T. L.

his bike with Warholian's sticker!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day in the studio with Alexander Schaffer Czech!

On Monday, Martin Luther King day, we had a chance to go down to Santa Cruz to catch up with Alexander Schaffer Czech. He's been working his butt off getting ready for his solo show, "MEMORY/IMAGINATION", which opens Friday Feb 4th at Driftwood Salon.

We were truly amazed! We knew the work would be outstanding, as we'd seen plenty of his works before, but in person they were magnificent, larger than life oil on panel, that could take you a whole afternoon to look at!
We got there around 11 AM, as Alex was in the middle of a painting session, and lucky for us, he took a break and sat down with us to chat about the particulars of his upcoming show..

I hope you enjoy these images, stay tuned for a mini interview video with Alex coming soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alexander Schaffer Czech, behind the scenes!

Alexander hard at work in the studio, getting ready for the debut of MEMORY/IMAGINATION, a collection of oil painting that will be openig at Driftwood Salon Friday February 4th, from 5-10 PM.

I hope you like these, and stay tuned for more pics coming up next week when the Driftwood Salon team goes down to Santa Cruz to make a studio visit.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Coming Into View" opened Friday Jan 7th

To start off 2011, we decided to feature all emerging artists for "Coming Into View", and we're sure happy we did! Friday night started our year off to an amazing start, we had a great opening reception, (See more pics from the reception here!/album.php?aid=276085&id=328318764294) and got a lot of interested collectors! Thank you San Francisco, and thank you to all 16 of our newest art stars, T.W. Chui, Brent, Shayne Herrera, Lilea Duran, Beatrice Hunt, Patrick Regan, Mario Alfaro, Shanna Bruschi, Daniel Barron, Becca Holland, Brendan Clunn, Elizabeth Grunsky, Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes, Frank Medina, Samuel Price and Scott Inguito!

This show will run until February 1st, and the gallery is open Tuesdays to Saturdays 12-6pm, and MON/SUN by appointment. Come see for yourself these tremendously talented new artists that resides right here in our Bay Area!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Driftwood Salon's first featured artist, Alexander Schaffer Czech

We are so pleased and honored to be presenting a wonderful new body of work from the amazing painter Alexander Schaffer Czech.
This February 4th, we will be opening his solo show, a bunch of paintings from his series "Memory/Imagination", a collection of awe inducing water landscape oil on canvases.

Tonight Alex stopped by as we were installing this months show "Coming Into View", to drop off these beautiful new posters for February's show, and we just had to dork out taking pictures with it!

Stay tuned for a studio visit at Alexander's Santa Cruz studio!

Holiday party/jam session/artists talks, DEC 18th 2010

Throwing out holiday party was so much fun! Thanks to all who came out and made my holidays extra special.

We had three of our wonderful "BE WELL: The Power Of Perception" artists talk about their works, Martin Zuniga, an East Bay based sculptor who we love, the very masterful painter Bernard Rauch, and Phil Deal, who chose to emphasis his point with some very eloquent notes...I'd never seen the gallery so full of life as Phil Deal and Bernard Rauch and friends lit up the place with an awesome jazz performance.

Martin Zuniga talks about his piece "El Grito Del Silenciados"