Monday, November 8, 2010

Our very first show, Feb 2010

We are so clessed to be featuring works by some major heavy weights for our debut!
With the help of our wonderful buddy Rafael, we were able to present the works of  
Alexander Schaffer Czech, Rafael Bensuaski Vieira, Evan Nesbit, Jet Martinez, Kelly Ording, Mark H Campbell, Akira Beard, Helen Bayly, Bernardo Poggi Leigh, Paul R Glaviano, Dave Gardner,  and Martin Zuniga!

                                                                       Evan Nesbit

                                                                Rafael Bensuaski Vieira

                                                                        Ethan Cranke

                                                                       Evan Nesbit

                                                                        Jet Martinez

                                                                     Kelly Ording

                                                                 Bernardo Poggi Leigh

                                                                      Helen Bayly

                                                           Alexander Schaffer Czech

Martin Zuniga (SOLD!)

Rafael Bensuaski Vieira

 Ethan Cranke

                                                                      Dave Gardner

                                                                       Paul R Glaviano

Mark H Campbell

 Akira Beard (SOLD!)

Good times!

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