Saturday, March 1, 2014

Opening reception for FOUR

We had a blast for our four year anniversary show, FOUR. The show will be up until April 4th, and we are open Wed- Sat from 12pm to 5pm for our gallery hours. Featured artists include Alexander Schaffer Czech, Carly Ivan Garcia, Liz Mamorsky, Renee Castro, Kate Daly, Beatrice Hunt, Karen Koltonow, Debra Walker, Paul Morin, Paul Ferraris, Greg Galinsky, Chris Collins, and John Lindsey.

Here are some pics from the opening reception!

John Lindsey

Carly Ivan Garcia

Paul Morin

Liz Mamosrky

Hopi Astronaut!/HopiAstronaut/app_2405167945

Beatrice Hunt

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics. Until next time! Camille from Driftwood Salon.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Installing FOUR this super bowl weekend. Our four year anniversary show! Wow, It has been a while since I've posted. Life moves fast. Hello Blogger! Here we are, two days away from entering into our fifth year as a gallery. And we have a great show to honor the moment. A few of our favorite artists, and a few we've never had the pleasure of working with before. Four will open on February 4th, and the reception will be from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

In addition to an awesome opening, we will be hosting the Hopi Astronauts performing live starting at 6:30pm!

John Lindsey photograph

Greg PNUT Galinsky

Carly Ivan Garcia

Liz Mamorsky

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Installing FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY, opens on Saturday Sept 7th!

Been having a fun week so far installing our newest show, For The Love Of Country.

Dale Erickson

Dale Erickson
Patrick St Clair
Alberto Ybarra
Leah Thomason Bromberg
Erika Meriaux

Bern Rauch

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Driftwood Salon's 3rd Annual Emerging Artists Opening Reception

We had a great opening night for the 3rd Annual Emerging Artists exhibit.
I was really excited about this years show, as I always am, being an emerging artist myself, but also because it represented a milestone for me as a gallery owner and as a curator. Three years ago, when I hosted my first emerging artist showing, I was a little shaky and in someways, stuggling quite a bit with the decision of who to pick. We receive so many entries during these call for artists, but only have a limited amount of wall space.
This year however, though challenging, was approached in an entirely different way. I knew I wanted a broad range of  mediums, to have as diverse a show as possible. And just going into in with a clearer picture of what I wanted the show to look like, seemed to make all the right artists present themselves to me, seemingly out of thin air.
I'd like to give many thanks to everyone who submitted their works, and especially our participating artists, Steen Kjorlie, Gabrielle Curry, Joe Spear, Hugo Kobayashi, Ricardo Miranda, Charles Papillo, Joshua Coffy, Jake Kobrin, Alberto Ybarra, Patrick St. Clair, Johnny Ringo, and introducing Douglas Alan Struble. I couldn't have done it without you guys' amazing works filling the room!

Gabrielle Curry

Patrick St Clair and Hugo Kobayashi

Ricardo Miranda

Patrick St Clair

Alberto Ybarra

Joshua Coffy

Steen Kjorlie

Douglas Alan Struble
Heavenly Father by Ricardo Miranda

Chem Trails by Joe Spear

Chess Player by Douglas Alan Struble

Steen Kjorlie

Steen Kjorlie

Dulcinea by Alberto Ybarra

Grown Up Part 1 by by Charles Papillo

Remnant by Patrick St Clair

Schulgin's Dream by Jake Kobrin

The Weather Up There, by Joshua Coffy

Losing My Cool by Hugo Kobayashi

Hope you enjoyed this entry, and I hope to see you all on September 7th, from 5pm to 9pm for our FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY exhibit, featuring works by Mark H Campbell, Bern Rauch, Dale Erickson, Patrick St Clair, Alberto Ybarra, Erica Meriaux, Lean Thomason Bromberg, and Martin Zuniga!