Saturday, October 29, 2011

Driftwood Salon Presents: T. W. CHUI: A 35 Year Restrospective

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Well, I haven't been here for a while now, and I must say, it feels good to be back. I am designating Saturdays to blog. I figured the only way to get as much as I want to done, I have to make appoinments with myself :-)

This month, our gallery looks SO GOOD, and our opening party for this exhibit was probably the best so far in our nearly two years of being open.

It's good to take chances and to be able to feature whomever I wish to feature. As you all may remember, earlier this year, we launched our first ever EMERGING ARTISTS exhibit, and decided to chose one of those determined budding artist for a solo show.

And here he is, T. W. Chui.

It's funny because during the open artist call we had going , which had started in Nov. 2010, he was one of the very last people to submitt their art.  At that late time, I did something quite out of the ordinary; rather than sit there and try to find the words to compose a reply email, I saw he's sent a cell number, so I closed my laptop and dialed him up. Sometimes it can be strange calling a stranger, but with Chui, I felt like we were old friends from the moment he said a warm hello. He came in the very next day with a few of his paintings, and from the moment we laid eyes on TWINKLE TWINLE LITTLE STAR, a huge oil on masonite painting of a young girl, we knew he was from another league, one we wanted to be a part of.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, oil on masinte, 60"X40"

The day we opend the emerging artist show, "Coming Into View", I'd emailed the head of Warholian, a popular arts publication, with a personal short note, a press release, and the flyer for the show. To my surprise, he actually showed up that very night. When I expressed my amazement and gratitude, he told me it was the Chui image on the flyer that caught his eye, the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. At this point we'd already decided that Chui was the one we'd offer a solo show to, and that remark on solidified that feeling.

We are extremely please to present to you, T. W. Chui, and 35 years worth of his multi faceted talents.

Self Deconstruction, oil on canvas, 60"X40"

Mask Of Kali, oil on canvas, 30"X30"

JFK, hand tinted giclee, 30"X40"

Skin And Pelt, oil on masonite, 36"X48"

Heart Sutra, oil on canvas, 36"X60"

Artist as a young dog, oil on canvas, 24"X36"

Dreamer, oil on canvas, 24"X36"

Chui with his wife Kris and son Aion

Five Friends, oil on canvas, 88"X66"

This is me with the folks from WARHOLIAN! They came to our opening!

Toasting to a great artist.

The crowd was overflowing the gallery!

Detail of Heart Sutra

The end of a long, successful evening!

Baba Muktanada, acrylic on board, 13"X17"

All images provided by BEATRICE HUNT.

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