Saturday, August 1, 2015

Installing the RECLAIM Group show

I had to do another post, because that last one didn't even begin to capture how much fun the actual installation for this show was. All everyone usually sees is a party happening on opening night. All the dirt, sweat and sometimes tears and blood has been wiped clean and the lights are shining spot on.

I'm the first to admit it's not always fun, and it's A LOT of hard work. Shot out to all the ladders, levels, and scaffolding that has helped out through the years and kept us alive! But RECLAIM wasn't just about another group show, this was also about us reclaiming our space and our place in the art scene. Ya. We got to collaborate (one of my absolute most favorite things to do that usually ends up horribly but something I will continue to do always) with some super cool peeps, ya Jaynie, the girl has green thumbs, and Brian, this one sees things out of old tattered fence wood, and that and knowing how to use the shit out of some power tools made some cool things go down for our space. Jorge, you're a genius on the lighting and just general expertise, and our of course Ican't forget our longtime consultant and good friend, Rafi.   You guys know who you are, and we thank your asses.

Our pup just chills out wherever we're at she's cool

Fresh paint does wonders for your mental clarity I swear.

Oh hi there, I am patiently waiting for my mommy to glaze me. Any day now.

Alon Picker came by to help install his piece

this is what all the hard work was for

Beautiful bouquets by Papillon Floral Designs

Opening night!!

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