Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day in the studio with Alexander Schaffer Czech!

On Monday, Martin Luther King day, we had a chance to go down to Santa Cruz to catch up with Alexander Schaffer Czech. He's been working his butt off getting ready for his solo show, "MEMORY/IMAGINATION", which opens Friday Feb 4th at Driftwood Salon.

We were truly amazed! We knew the work would be outstanding, as we'd seen plenty of his works before, but in person they were magnificent, larger than life oil on panel, that could take you a whole afternoon to look at!
We got there around 11 AM, as Alex was in the middle of a painting session, and lucky for us, he took a break and sat down with us to chat about the particulars of his upcoming show..

I hope you enjoy these images, stay tuned for a mini interview video with Alex coming soon!

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